7 Identity Guard: What you need to understand

Identity Guard, and also by expansion, solutions like it, provide on the internet identity defense. Even the most savvy web customers might not know specifically what it is, however it is important despite the extent of your web browsing.

Most people have made purchases online, have social networks accounts, or have actually put at the very least some determining information such as an address or a telephone number on the internet – all activities that can put us in jeopardy of identification theft.

Identification Guard supplies tools that enable web users to check their individual details, consisting of signals that may indicate questionable activity like an unexpected dip in an individual’s credit rating.

These services placed all this info in one area to ensure that it’s easy to stay in-the-know. Identity theft affects countless Americans every year, even one of the most mindful internet customers.

Nevertheless, while these tools can aid you reduce your possibilities of ending up being a sufferer of identification burglary, they can’t avoid an information breach in which your info is swiped or prevent you from offering your details to fraudsters.

They can additionally just aid you recover your identity and also turn around the damage to your credibility to a certain level. There are much more main avenues for this.

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Identification Guard: Typical questions

Identity Guard

Identity Guard is an identity burglary defense service that can quickly alert clients when their personal information, such as charge card numbers as well as Social Security Numbers, is at threat of being taken.

Identity Guard scans billions of data points online with top-of-the-line Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist determine and also mitigate danger, and also offers solutions and also solutions to resolve identification burglary issues.

The service has actually operated for the past 20 years, is usually well-trusted, and boasts numerous clients.

Identification Guard is a legit service that can permit you to safeguard your personal information from hackers, scammers, and also crooks on the web.

Identity Guard: Subscribe as well as price

Identification Guard: Benefits

Presently, Identity Guard has three degrees of prepare for both individuals and also households. All plans consist of AI-driven protection, $1 million insurance policy with stolen funds reimbursement, a U.S.-based instance manager, danger monitoring rating, an easy-to-read online identity dashboard, as well as a mobile application.

Identity Guard’s Worth plan for an individual costs $8.99/ month while a family members plan sets you back $14.99/ month.

This plan covers the basics, scanning the Dark Internet for your info, determining risky purchases, and revealing possible risks of deceitful use your individual info.

The second rate Overall plans and also the Premier prepares both add credit report as well as savings account checking to the solutions used.

These strategies set you back $19.99/ month for a private and also $29.99/ month for a family members.

There is no free credit rating monitoring option, and also it is worth keeping in mind that, per federal legislation, you are entitled to one cost-free credit scores record a year.

This kind of report can be reasonably quickly gotten by means of Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion.

Similarly, you can check your credit rating totally free using solutions like CreditKarma or the financial institution that released your credit card.

Just Identity Guard’s Premier strategies provide the Social Understanding record, a tool that can help clients manage their on-line track record.

This tool checks your Facebook timeline, analyzes your on-line identification, and also recommends just how you can enhance your image.

This may be particularly practical for professionals seeking to tidy up their online existence or family members that intend to protect against cyberbullying.

In sum, relying on the selected strategy, Identity Guard additionally uses:

  • Social Insight Reporting
  • Credit Rating Coverage
  • Dark Internet Monitoring
  • Bank Account Requisition Surveillance
  • Alerts of Prospective Cyberbullying

While we find that all these solutions are vital in their own way, individuals have to determine for themselves what’s most important to determine the best prepare for them.

Identification Guard: Benefits

Identification Guard: Benefits

Attributes and innovation

Innovative AI innovation makes Identity Guard an appealing choice for consumers. It’s what makes Identification Guard attract attention from its competitors.

It not only keeps track of for existing threats, however additionally prepares for future dangers by adapting to the ever-changing on the internet environment our data finds itself in.

Near-instant notifies allow the consumer to remain abreast of all changes to their accounts and also knowledgeable about the risk presented to their personal info.

The service’s response to a risk is timely as well as enables the customer to remain positive concerning shielding their identification online by giving fast informs, simple identification recuperation options total with expert assistance and also the possibility of taken fund reimbursement.

Nevertheless, the degree of hazard detection you receive, as a customer, largely relies on the membership strategy you pick.

Depending on the plan you pick, the sorts of reporting you will certainly receive are extra cutting-edge than most various other services you might go with.

Layout and functionality

Identification Guard’s design is really user-friendly. The various sorts of alerts look like cards on the control panel and the easy-to-navigate tabs also highlight important sections, consisting of records and scores and an adjustable watchlist.

The control panel is happily color-coded, so any type of outstanding notifies jump out quickly.

Part of utilizing Identification Guard Total amount Security is setting up Google Chrome extensions that can help you better identify unsafe sites and phishing scams. Other browser-embedded functions are available for Safari and Firefox.

Identity Guard: Disadvantages

Signing up

For some, the data-sensitive questions asked at sign-up may be off-putting, especially if you’re not keen on giving out your Social Security Number out on the Internet.


While the information is useful to make sure your identity is safe, the service does not, to our knowledge offer advice on how to raise your ‘Risk Management Score’ if it is low.

Using Identity Guard after reporting fraudulent activity

Identity Guard is an exceptional service when it comes down to fraud prevention, but it may lack in account and identity recovery.

A case manager will be assigned to you and will walk you through all the necessary steps to make sure that the thief stops using your sensitive information.

However, Identity Guard does not work with pre-existing fraud victims and does not provide an attorney to act on behalf of a customer.

Additionally, while there is $1 million in identity theft insurance, money may be difficult to recover without indisputable evidence of fraud.

There is also no money-back guarantee for existing customers. Unsatisfied customers may not see a refund or any other discount, per Identity Guard’s website.


Many may consider the cost of Identity Guard too steep to be worth paying for.

However, online identity protection is considered invaluable to many web users, especially those who are looking to protect the identities of children.

Ultimately, there are more cost-effective ways you can monitor you personal information without paying for Identity Guard.

These ways may also be more time consuming, but consistently monitoring your bank statements and credit score, and taking precautions such as shredding your junk mail and learning how to spot phishing emails may be more effective in the long run.

Identity Guard: User reviews and customer service

Most Identity Guard Total Protection users are very happy with the service, an indication that they feel more protected from scammers and online theft.

However, many have noted more glaring missing features, especially the lack of bank account monitoring.

Despite limited customer service hours, the overwhelming amount of positive reviews indicates helpful and knowledgeable customer service representatives that can help you use Identity Guard Total Protection to its fullest extent.

How to cancel your Identity Guard subscription

Cancelling your Identity Guard subscription is fairly easy and straightforward: you can cancel over the phone by calling the Customer Care Center, or you can log in, click on “My Account,” and find the “Cancellation” tab.

Identity theft and you

As your online presence increases in scope and business transactions performed online become more common, so does the risk of your identity being stolen.

Per Identity Guard, there is an identity theft victim every 2 seconds. In 2016, there were approximately 1 million victims. In 2017, this number jumped to 16.7 million. Data breaches are becoming more frequent, putting your information in jeopardy.

Identity theft can affect you and your family in many ways, so it’s important to stay protected and proactive: know what personal information you’re sharing online and how it may be compromised. Here are some types to identity theft to look out for.

  • Synthetic ID theft: Your information may be combined with fake information to create a whole new identity. Anything done under this identity may be linked back to you.
  • Child ID theft: This one may not be immediately expected, as children under a certain age may not yet have a digital footprint. But they are just as vulnerable to ID theft as they have so-called “blank-slate” credit histories that are appealing to fraudsters.
  • New account fraud: An account may be opened under your name, and the fraudster’s activities may negatively affect your credit.
  • Account takeover fraud: Similarly, someone who takes over your account, bank or otherwise, and makes changes without your consent can negatively impact you.
  • Credit card fraud: Someone can fraudulently make purchases using your credit card.
  • Tax fraud: In the case that your SSN is stolen, you may be defrauded out of your tax refund (just one out of several negative outcomes).

Because identity theft appears to only be increasing year to year, it is advised for individuals and families to have some kind of protection.

People who have previously been victims may want to invest in a service like Identity Guard, as would people with families, struggling credit, and those who have had their information leaked in a data breach.

Identity Guard’s competitors

LifeLock: Identity Guard offers $1 million in identity theft insurance. This means that the company will cover up to $1 million in identity restoration costs as defined by the service.

LifeLock offers a $1 million service guarantee. This is different in that the company will pay for the costs in restoring your identity, as determined by you. Read our LifeLock review for more.

IdentityForce: IdentityForce offers additional personal information change alerts including loan monitoring and medical ID fraud protection. Read up on our IdentityForce review.

Identity Guard: Verdict

Overall, Identity Guard is a solid service for fraud protection and identity recovery services.

It’s particularly helpful in uncovering threats using AI technology, and customers can rest assured that they are receiving the best-in-class when it comes down to web scanning technology.

However, customers often reported feeling frustrated by the monthly price of the service, and some believe that the high cost is not justified, as one can only do so much to stop a fraudster from stealing information found online.

If you can afford the monthly outlay though and if you use Identity Guard In conjunction with a free service like CreditKarma or monitoring services like Equifax or Experian, you’re in good hands.

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